Nutrition to reduce risk of HPV

Published: 19th March 2009
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There is no magic diet, no special fruit or vegetable that will make you impervious to HPV. There's no way to reduce risk of contracting HPV by 100%, as even the HPV vaccine only protects against the high risk forms that can lead to cancer and so on. That said, you can make some simple changes to your diet to improve your immune system, so as to greatly reduce your risk of contracting HPV, and, should you contract HPV, your immune system will be able to rid your body of the infection that much more quickly.

In fact, let's forget about HPV for a minute and just consider this: If you eat healthy, you will feel better.

A lot of health food people get it wrong. Eating better isn't about living longer, it's not about avoiding foods that will "kill you" (no food can really kill you unless you're suffering from serious obesity or blood pressure and cholesterol problems) it's about making the years you have available to you more enjoyable. If you eat well, you will be in a better mood, as nutrition plays a vital part in maintaining mental health. If you eat well, you'll be stronger, faster, less tired, you'll feel more comfortable and look better in your own body, your skin will look and feel better, your bones will be stronger, you'll get sick less often, and you will be happier. You will live longer, as well, but the real point is that, in the here and now, you can improve your quality of life by leaps and bounds by making a few simple dietary changes.

Fruits and vegetables

Here's the basic rule of fruits and vegetables: There's almost no such thing as too much.

You may have heard of the supposed "superfruits" which have become pretty trendy these days, but honestly, most of them aren't much stronger than your average orange or apple. However, if an exotic flavour is enough to get you eating more fruits, go for it.

Look for fruits especially high in vitamin C, most obviously, the orange.

As for vegetables, try just switching sugary, salty snacks out with salads. Play around with different combinations and lighter dressings until you have something you like. Salads mainly provide fiber, which can help to keep your system clean and flush out excess waste. This can be enormously helpful in improving your immune system and preventing colon cancer.


It sounds like a lot, but try to drink about a gallon a day. Water doesn't contain vitamins or anything, but it works as a sort of lubrication for your body and basically improves all facets of your biological functions.


You do need protein to keep your immune system and your skin strong to help fight off HPV infection. Try to avoid red meat, though. Something to keep in mind, pork is actually one of the safest, healthiest meats available. It gets a bad name, and certainly, bacon is probably the worst food you can eat, but it digests more easily than beef and is less greasy. If you can get more protein from beans or fish, that's even better.


Nutrition only goes so far. You can have a perfect diet, but if you don't keep yourself active, your immune system won't be strong enough to deal with an HPV infection quickly and effectively. Stay fit. If you can make time for some daily situps and pushups, great. If not, at the very least you should take a walk every day.

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